With Fall Comes Apple Pies-Gluten Free of Course

Apples seem to be the theme this time of year.  Why not live it up on the GF diet also?

I live in an area surrounded by orchards.  In case you didn’t know, apple trees have an on year and then an off year. This year happens to be the on year for my dad’s trees. An off year at my dad’s house still brings in enough apples to can over 30 quarts of apple pie filling, apple sauce and apple cider.  I can’t even imagine what I will get this year. So far my 9 month old daughter has been spoiled from having only homemade canned foods to eat. Applesauce happens to be her favorite.

Give these recipes a whirl!

  • Carmelized Apples If you can’t have cornstarch you can substitute by using about half the amount of tapioca starch/flour or potato starch. Remember you are thickening  so sometimes the amount is not exact.
  • I think I might have found a new favorite for my daughter if she likes cranberries and much as her mama. Happy eating! Cranberry Applesauce
  • And of course it wouldn’t be fall without apple pie! Old Fashioned Gluten Free Apple Pie don’t forget the crust recipe: Gluten Free Pie Crust You should have some cornstarch in the pantry and by now you should also have at least  white rice flour. Brown rice flour is usually easy to find and if necessary to cut cost you could substitute sorghum for the amaranth flour. I am always trying to limit the number of flours I keep on hand.

Give these other apple treats a whirl:

  1. Miniature Caramel Apples
  2. Grilled Cinnamon Apples
  3. Apple and Calvados Sorbet

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