Traveling-Keto Style

I will be traveling to San Francisco for our second Rise Summit! I am a member of the Trustey STEM Teaching Fellowship through Notre Dame University. I am in the final chapter of our three year commitment.

It has been quite the journey…

Our BBCS STEM Team! Deborah, Me, Karen and Elizabeth all enjoying the sunny day while school was cancelled back home due to snow and ice.

When traveling, I have to do quite a bit of prep work. I have to make sure there are gluten free friendly restaurants where I am able to eat. That may seem simple but I encountered a couple of issues when I attempted to prepare last year. I normally reach out to restaurants via email or phone to confirm they are indeed able to accomodate a celiac friendly gluten free meal. Last year I was incredibly surprised at some of the responses I received. After a few rude replies, I was able to get a very welcoming response from the manager of The Buena Vista Cafe.

I was able to arrive for lunch after walking around Fisherman’s Wharf and order without concern. I was still incredibly hesitant but left very satisfied. I do not eat bread but was grateful they were so Celiac friendly. They delivered my fresh lobster cocktail with a warm slice of gluten free bread. I had to indulge! I was not able to eat the amazing sourdough with my friends or try the clam chowder(I sure did try to find a GF one) but I was very satisfied I was able to eat in a city I have never visited before, without getting sick.

This year when we return, we are down two teammates. It will be bittersweet, to say the least. It has been an incredibly difficult year, with emotions running high. We are both excited to explore San Francisco a little more and to receive the final leg of our training at Stanford University. The last two years have been so incredibly amazing, I am not able to put it into words. From the bottom of my heart, I will forever be grateful to the entire team of engineers and teachers who we have met through this fellowship. I have made some lifelong friends!

Below, I have included a handful of items I pre-order anytime I plan to travel. I always need to make sure I am meeting my macronutrients so I am able to keep my energy up. Traveling dehydrates me horribly so I also carry eye drops, nasal gel and attempt to drink copious amounts of water all during my travels. I do indulge in a wonderfully creamy coffee daily though!

Prepackaged sausage travels well. They are easy to throw in my carry on bag without worries. The remaining items below help me stay on track with my salt and magnesium levels. I am still able to make my electrolyte drink while traveling with the Natural Calm, Real Salt and True Lemon. The Collagen, Heavy Cream and Frother are all used for my daily coffee. I usually pack the cream in a smaller container. The mushroom coffee is one of my favorites for traveling or throwing in my bag for school. You simply add hot water and are good to go. If you want coffee made on the go, the Coffee Gator makes an incredible cup of pour over coffee(best flavor) and you simply switch the lid for travel. No need for any other tools or cups.

There are so many other items that can be ordered on Amazon but they limit me to only 4 items in each panel. I plan on going back into my other posts and adding these links plus doing this in future posts, so stay tuned for updates. I find it easier to simply click the links when I am preparing to make a recipe and such. Plus, it is kind of fun seeing what other people like to order and sometimes I find some new items to add to my own pantry when I am reading other blogs.

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