My Paleo journey spanned over roughly 2 years. I knew gluten free was not healing my body as much as I needed it to be. I cannot express how much of a transition this was for me and my entire family. I thought going gluten free was hard but eliminating all grains was much more complicated. I highly recommend slowly eliminating sugar and grains by using the following book:

Diane created her book with 3 choices to follow. There is a simple beginning level for those who are fresh off the sugar boat but the third level would basically be a full paleo diet. I had already been cutting way back on my sugar so the transition was not too bad. I never went through any flu like symptoms as some may experience. I was the tortoise of transition. I still do not like not like to jump into making a quick diet change. I want my transitions to be permanent. I followed the sugar detox for a couple of months until I felt like I could do it simply by making my own menus to follow.

This was the first step in the right direction!

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