My ketogenic lifestyle started after a couple of years of experimenting with Paleo cooking. I began to see great improvement when I removed grains and sugar.

It just wasn’t enough…

I noticed I was greatly affected by coconut sugar, honey and agave. Within 15 minutes of consuming, I felt I needed to nap. I was still having blood sugar drops and extreme crashes. This led me to search more and more on what I could do to improve my health even further. After much research, I found a couple of Ketogenic sites that had incredible recipes I began to try. I began to notice, after a lifetime of lactose intolerance, I was able to eat small amounts of dairy without belly aches. I could not remember a time I was able to tolerate dairy without stomach distress. So began my journey into the Ketogenic lifestyle. For the first year, I read as much information as I could. I followed everything but did not track my macros. I followed dozens of Facebook groups but never commented. I found some wonderfully supportive groups and others that were plain crazy! During this time, my body was slowly healing more and more.

I am now in my second year of Keto and still making progress. I have slowly lost nearly 20 lbs which is incredible for me. My family is slowly following in my steps and we transition into a fully Ketogenic family. My youngest loves to try new recipes and has began to add more and more vegetables. The hardest for her to give up is potatoes. I still have some canned from my vegetable garden so she will finish those up by this spring. I do not plan on eliminating them until I can get her transitioned fully.

My husband joined me just recently. He was told he would have to begin taking statins for his cholesterol. I refused to support that journey as I know of such horrible side effects. Instead, he chose to follow me and see how we could improve his numbers through a Ketogenic diet versus the standard high carbohydrate low fat diet. It is here I leave our journey to begin adding more recipes…

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