Gluten Free Pure Vanilla Extract

I prefer to make my own pure vanilla rather than buying it.

Here is the breakdown in price for store bought versus homemade GF pure vanilla:

  • $7.17 for a 2 ounce/59 ml bottle of organic GF vanilla
  • for 750 ml of this kind would cost $93.21


  • $30 for Idol Grape Vodka – high quality, distilled 7 times and filtered 5 times
  • $8 for 2 vanilla beans bought from Walmart (half the price I would pay for 1 bean at other grocery stores)
  • Total cost for 750 ml of homemade vanilla would be $38

This recipe is easy to make but be sure to give it time for the flavor to blend.

  • 1 bottle of Idol Grape Vodka – 750 ml
  • 2 vanilla beans

You will have to pour out just a tiny bit of the vodka for the beans to fit without over flowing. Cut up the beans into small pieces. Make sure you use all of the bits that fall out. They are the most important part of the flavor. Add to the vodka and cover. Let sit for at least 1 month. The coloring will be very light, almost clear. The longer it sits the better the flavor and the darker it gets. I just used up the last of my bottle and it was very dark and flavorful. It had been sitting for almost a year.  The vanilla will last indefinitely. Whole vanilla beans that have been used in sauces or other liquids can be rinsed, thoroughly dried, and stored for reuse. I always transfer my beans to the next bottle and just add a new bean along with the old.

Try this recipe when your vanilla is done. Browned Butter Frosting Enjoy!

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