General Mills-no Gluten Free list but very helpful

I recently purchased a can of Progresso Creamy Mushroom soup. I read the ingredient list and did not see any hints of gluten except the MSG. I called Progresso which happens to also be General Mills and I wanted to confirm that this soup is ideed GF. I was told at this time they do not publish a GF list because of constant formula changes but if the soup contains any gluten not just wheat that it would be listed. Such as, if the MSG was made from any gluten source it would list the gluten after it. I was also told the only reason they do not write gluten free on the label is because they don’t test the final product.

Some might think this would warrant them not to use this product.

I will not hesitate to eat this soup! Before the laws were changed we were all forced to read labels. In order for a company to label their food GF it must either be naturally GF (such as eggs, they would all be GF) or they must test the end product. I have a feeling many companies cannot afford to switch to testing all of it’s products so we must still rely on reading labels and calling the company. Progresso will be sending me some recipes to use and they also asked if they come out with new GF lists (or other relevant such items) if they could send me new information. Unfortunately, they can only send via snail mail but at least they are willing to send something.

The woman I spoke to also started to tell me about the Betty Crocker GF mixes that they carry. I absolutely love the convenience of buying them in a regular store. She is sending me some recipes specifically for their GF mixes.  They don’t offer any coupons that they can send in the mail but they do offer a newsletter where you can print coupons. Give it a try! If you click the link on the left side of that page it will bring you to a sample newsletter. I personally love all of the recipes and coupons!

I almost forgot. I was told that all of their soups are going to be reformulated without MSG. The process will take some time but they are starting to recreate their soups without it. That is a bonus because so many people are sensitive to MSG (myself included).

So in the end I would recommend calling General Mills for any of your GF questions!

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