Cheapest place to buy Gluten Free Betty Crocker Cake Mix

Cheapest place to buy Gluten Free Betty Crocker Cake Mix-Locally

Last night I was shopping at Econo Foods and needed to replenish my back up cake mix supply. I grabbed a box of Betty Crocker’s Devil’s Food and one of Hodgson Mill’s Yellow Cake Mix. You might think this is odd but when I made marble cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday I discovered something. Hodgson Mill’s yellow cake is extremely heavy and dense but when mixed right next to the chocolate mix Betty Crocker makes they both turn out lighter and moist. I am a bargain shopper and Hodgson Mill’s happens to be cheaper but I was quite disappointed in how dry the cake was. So now I can kinda have the best of both worlds. Hodgson Mill’s happens to be $4.09 and Betty Crocker is $4.19 at Econo Foods.

Now when I went to get dog food today at Walmart I needed some Lemishine for my dishwasher and decided to check out their price for GF Betty Crocker cake mix. I was surprised when it was $4.38! So here is another plug for Econo Foods and their Gluten Free efforts. Not only are they constantly expanding their selection but they are actually cheaper than Walmart! YEAH!!!!

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